Top-10 sightseeings of Astana that are worth to visit

Today, the young capital of Astana - one of the main achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every year, a thriving capital becomes a place of pilgrimage for millions of tourists. What it attracts to itself, and you can go if you were able to visit this young capital. Everything is about step by step.

1. Baiterek

If you already can not imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, the Baiterek Tower ("Poplar" - in Kazakh language) it firmly became a symbol of modern Astana. The monument symbolizes the Kazakh’s people idea about the universe. The height of the tower - 105 meters. At the height of 97 meters there is an observatory - a platform that allows you to see the city from a bird's flight. The number 97 has not been selected at random. It symbolizes the year when the capital Astana ads.

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2. Atameken

Ethno-memorial complex "Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken" designed by famous architects and designers. Here you will see Kazakhstan in "miniature", an area roughly as two football fields.

Ethnopark "Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken" represents a unique open-air museum. Square Card 1.7 hectares of the city's attractions and historical monuments of Kazakhstan. On the map are 14 provinces and 2 cities of republican significance: Astana and Almaty. Here all variety of natural-climatic zones and landscapes, architecture and urban ensembles. The main thing - it's historic and cultural monuments.

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3. National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The museum is located on the main place of the country - at the Independence Square, harmoniously fitting into a single architectural ensemble with the monument "Kazakh Eli", the Palace of Independence, the Palace of Peace and Accord, mosque "Hazrat Sultan" and the National University of Arts.

Many of the values ​​identified in the framework of the state program "Cultural Heritage", comprise an invaluable fund of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The museum building catches the eye unusual external form. Exhibit Space occupied 11 halls with a total area of ​​14 000 sq.m.

The museum is equipped with facilities of international standard for exposures using modern exhibition technology: a unique curved screen with a special content that runs on two halls, a media floor, a dynamic layout of the central part of modern Astana, numerous media screen, holograms, LED-technology, touch kiosks, multimedia guide to the provision of information in three languages.

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4. Duman

If you want to experience the atmosphere of childhood, like the seabed, visit the Museum of Miniatures, enjoy all the possibilities of media technology in the 3D-movie theater, do not miss the chance to visit the entertainment center "Duman", on the left bank of Astana.

Aquarium of the entertainment center "Duman" is by far the first and only in the CIS. This - the only aquarium in the world, situated at a distance of more than 3000 km from the ocean. The volume of water in the aquarium - 3 million liters. For its creation were specially imported 120 tons of sea salt.

The aquarium is home to over 2000 species of marine inhabitants of marine fauna from different parts of the world.

The most interesting part of the Oceanarium - the main tank, which is located at the bottom of the tunnel, reaches a length - 70 meters high and made of pure acrylic 7 cm thick. In the underwater tunnel you walk like being on the seabed, a few centimeters away from predatory sharks!

Life Oceanarium is full of events that are not always visible to outside observers. However, visitors can observe, for example, the process of feeding sea pets. Twice a day, especially divers immersed in water to show exciting and dangerous stunts, leading to the delight of all the witnesses, called "shark feeding". Aquarium of the Pacific - a dream come true for thousands of people living in the boundless steppes of Kazakh land and wish your eyes to see the wonderful world of underwater kingdom.

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5. Khan Shatyr

The architect of the shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr" is the famous Norman Foster, who designed many of the modern facilities not only in Astana, but also in London and many cities in the world.

The unique shell of the tent allows you to maintain a comfortable microclimate inside the building, even if outside the raging storms or cold rage, that usual for Astana residents. Consistently good weather and plenty of sunshine - a business card of "Khan Shatyr".

Inside a lot of greens. All of these can be admired from the top terrace equipped with a viewing platform. Under the exhibition and entertainment events assigned spacious flexible platform in the center of the building.

But perhaps a special charm represent a tropical oasis and man-made lagoon with a magnificent beach with soft sand, imported from the distant Maldive Islands. Here you can relax in any season and to enjoy comparable with the rest of the Mediterranean, but without the "charms" of an exhausting trip.

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6. Peace and Accord Palace

Palace of Peace and Accord in Astana were created by the famous architect Norman Foster innovator. It was built specifically to host the International Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions. The palace was built in a pyramid on a "Golden Section Fibonacci." It is called the eighth wonder of the world.

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7. Circus

Circus of Astana is a huge "flying saucer." Inside the circus it is equipped with the latest technology. There is a sliding arena with an area for acrobatic stunts, riding school, skating rink, and others. In the circus often hosts touring international artists.

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8. Hazrat Sultan Mosque

One of the most modern attractions in Astana, young capital of Kazakhstan, is the Hazrat Sultan Mosque. The colossal building resembles oriental palace.

The mosque is crowned by four minarets of 62 m. height. The domes covered with gold leaf. The eight cores supporting the dome, artfully decorated not just a decoration, and carved suras (part of the text of the Holy Quran). Inside there is a large hall, where they can pray at the same time 5 thousand people. On the second floor - balcony, designed for prayer and for up to 2 thousand women.

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9. The monument "Otan korgaushylar"

The monument "Otan korgaushylar" - one of the most beautiful one in the country. On the square you can see bronze stele which is elevated from the ground granite foundation. The central figure of the monument - a woman. She holds a golden bowl - a symbol of peace and prosperity. Stella, consisting of 101 ears, symbolizes the unity of all nations living in Kazakhstan. On the right side of the bas-relief depicts the Soviet soldiers, on the left side - Kazakh Batyr defeated Jungars. At the foot of the eternal flame. 24-meter memorial is made of 63 tons of pure bronze from Karaganda, also used copper. And park is all around the monument.


10. Theatre "Astana Opera"

The most popular sightseeing is the theater of Astana "Astana Opera" - the pride of Kazakhstan.

Located on the left bank of the Ishim River, the theater "Astana Opera" is striking in its grandeur. According to the architectural perfection is not inferior to the famous Opera House of the world, such as "La Scala" in Milan, the Royal Theatre in Madrid, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Metropolitan Opera in New York and others.

At the main entrance portico decorated with the song "Kobyz players" and "Girl with zhetygen" sculptors M. Mansurov and T.Yermekova. Quadriga mounted on the building of the theater, it is a way of managing the chariot Saka queen Tomiris.

The lobby, foyer, auditoriums, and the main stage are made in the style of high classicism. Chamber Hall of the theater can accommodate 250 people. It is designed for chamber music concerts, performances of various ensembles, chamber choir, small symphony orchestra and others. Over the acoustics of leading experts from Italy and Germany, achieved as a result of the unique sound characteristics in all the halls of the theater.

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It's nice and easy to walk in the center of Astana. The city is decorated with various decorative sculptures, fountains and original installations in the spirit of modernity, which gives the capital of Kazakhstan, a special charm and individuality.

Let us remind you that in 2017 in Astana will host international exhibition EXPO-2017.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful city.

You can also see the program about the other cities of Kazakhstan in the program «DISCOVERING KAZAKHSTAN».


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